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Routine care services are typically scheduled on Saturdays, although days may vary from time to time. We service the greater Yuma area as efficiently as possible and appointments are conscientiously prioritized according to urgency, weather considerations, and relative locations. If you experience an injury or sudden illness (communicable diseases aside) with your horse and live further away, we'll generally try find a way to bring you closer to us, or refer your horse to the nearest available equine veterinarian. Constraints on the veterinarian's time, attempts to reduce or limit fees, the condition of the patient, or the nature of the treatment may necessitate this. The phone is monitored frequently, and we'll always try to direct you to the best care for your horse and client.

If you would like to host a clinic for your barn or area, please contact us a week or two ahead of time. Depending on the number of participants, call fees may be divided or waived. We do our best to be accommodating to our clients.
On the ground sessions & halter breaking...

"Horses don't lie" is a quote oft heard from Dr Sandigo. Please let us know when your horse has any special handling issues. This will give us a chance to discuss it with you to coordinate an appointment that ensures the primary focus of the appointment is addressed.
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