Euthanasia: A Most Important Decision

The decision to euthanize your horse is one of the hardest and most important decisions you'll ever have to make. As the owner of an animal, the weight of the responsibility seems to become even more difficult with repetition. Our nature would rather prevent us from looking ahead, there are exercises you can do to remind yourself that one day you'll have a daunting decision to make. I encourage you to read the below-listed items to remind yourself that there are stages of grief-- and although they aren't always in the same order or of the same intensity, the feelings and your family's feelings are real.  There are resources available to help us get through it, such as, family, friends, and counselors of all sorts. We're here to help, too. At Rio Colorado Equine, we believe every horse deserves a 'good death'. We encourage our clients to plan ahead whenever this is possible. We strive to make a somber occasion as peaceful and unobtrusive as possible for your horse, and for you. We plan ahead whenever possible, so the scene is set up in accordance with the your desires and the needs of your family and of your horse.--Joan Duquette, BS, CVT
Who provides end of life and after-life for small animals in Yuma?

All of the small animal clinics are able to help with the euthansia and after-life care of your small pets. All have disposal services and most offer cremation services. The Humane Society of Yuma also performs euthanasia and after care, including cremation services.

These services are available by appointment or as and emergency service for clients of the respective clinics.

At this time, there is no formal "at home" euthansia service available in Yuma.
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