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Due to a shortage of equine practitioners in the Yuma area, sometimes there isn't one available when an emergency occurs. At those times, we will provide a referral to the most appropriate facility in order to ensure the best and most expeditious care for your horse. The staff at Durango has been reliable for Yuma's horse's for years! They provide prompt, courteous service, and are very thoughtful when helping you assess the urgency of distance service.
Are you prepared for horse medical emergencies? How about disasters? Being prepared equals more than the sum of your barn box. Situational awareness is the first step toward being "ready for anything".
Preparedness: Downloadable slide show by AAEP
Emergency Preparedness: Printable version of the slide show
Emergency Care Guidelines to follow during equine emergencies (printable)
Colic is an Emergency

The materials below are intended for owners to educate themselves on the hazards of ownership, but if you suspect that your horse is currently experiencing a bout of colic- even if you are not sure- it is recommended you alert your equine veterinarian immediately! This is the first step toward seeking the appropriate help for your horse.

Pet Poison Hotlines
Pet Poison Helpline
Do you have exotic pets? Give these folks a call and establish a connection for reliable care!
This movie may move your to go to full screen and grab some popcorn. It is hand selected by Dr Sandigo for anyone who strives for a better understanding of the nature and spirit of the horse.  This full length documentary is provided by They also have a YouTube channel with more of the same.

Learn CPR for your dogs and cats! This video is compliments of AVMA TV.
Parasites & Deworming:
Watch a video to learn how to give IM Injections 
Laminitis aka Founder

Laminitis:This easy to understand slide show is by AAEP.
Laminitis:printable brochure
Rehabilitating the Laminitic Foot
August 30, 2013

In this University of Kentucky Lecture Series presentation, Dr. Scott Morrison of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., shares solutions for supporting laminitic horse hooves.
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