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What you should know about The Horse is an awesome source for the horse, of course. I've picked the best feeds to go here, but click here to go directly to their website! Some of the links are authorized to go directly to full article-- things like Facebook posts, the news feeds (below) and some of our emails that I share here will work this way. The staff of The Horse has been very generous to us and our website sharing and we take care to respect the intellectual rights of the magazine as well as that of the individual authors. The information presented by the Horse and shared on our website is of the best quality-- reliable, and consistent with AAEP information shared between all equine veterinarians. If you click on an article that asks you to register to proceed, I urge you to continue with the process. You are able to select if you'd like to receive emails and control your registration to suite your privacy. It is worth it to be able to access all of the articles in full! --Joan
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