The purposes of the Veterinary Inspection is to determine a horse's fitness to travel across boundaries without being harmed due to existing health conditions and to travel without transmitting disease.**
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 Veterinary Inspection
   What to expect during your appointment
 Coggins Test (EIA)
   Results Usually  take 3-5 days to return by fax and 7-10 days to receive the original.
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  Includes horses traveling on the same certificate in the same vehicle. 

Requirements by State (updated links soon)
 International Health Certificate-Canada**
  Requires the original Coggin's form (tested within 6 months)

Summary of Requirements to Export

USDA Endorsement: See fees: CFR Title 9 part 130.20(b)(1)

Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Horse Import 

International Health Certificate-Mexico
Requirements to Export

Fees for USDA Endorsement
(updated link soon)

2015: For travel within the United States : Most states require a negative Coggins Test within the last year, accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)(a. k. a. Health Certificate). Some states also require permit numbers, which are usually simple to aquire from the information listed on the CVI. Often times, we are able to do that for you using the information provided. State requirements are subject to change during an outbreak of communicable disease, even on a daily basis. We call the destination state on the day travel documents are issued to be sure valid documents are issued.

2015: For travel to Canada: **VS outbreak restrictions appear to be limited to Santa Cruz County only. Yuma horses are now able to travel to Canada so long as they haven't been to or through Santa Cruz.

You can check here for up to the minute changes: 
Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) and USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service

Normally, Travel to Canada requires a Coggins test within the last 6 months. The USDA charges a fee to endorse a CVI. This fee is payable by check in US dollars. We provide a Priority 2-3 day delivery mail package which contains a self-addressed (to the address of your choice), stamped envelope (via regular mail), the original Coggins and the health certificates to be endorsed, along with your check for the fee. These are usually returned within a week. Expedited delivery is available.

2015: For travel to Mexico: The Requirements to Export a horse to Mexico are complicated. The USDA consolidates the requirements HERE. Additionally, owners are now required by law (Mexico) to have a broker. In a way, this makes the process easier because the broker is very familiar with the process. There are companies that specialize in boarder transportation and can provide or refer you to reputable brokers.
Two commonly used companies used in Arizona are: Suarez Brokerage Companyand Agencia Aduanal Ibarrola Elias

2015: Para viajar a México: Los requisitos para exportar un caballo a México son complicadas. El USDA consolida los requisitos AQUÍ. Además, los propietarios son ahora requeridos por la ley (México) para que un intermediario. De esta forma, esta facilita el proceso ya que el corredor está muy familiarizado con el proceso. Hay compañías que se especializan en frontera transporte y puede proporcionar o consulte a corredores de buena reputación. Dos empresas utilizan comúnmente utilizado en Arizona son: Suarez Brokerage Companyy Agencia Aduanal Ibarrola Elias

What to expect during your appointment: Please bring all accompanying information on your horse, like registration papers, last Coggins, brand numbers/tatoos. You will also need the name and address of your destination, and the name, address, and phone number of the transport company/person. Dr. Sandigo will examine your horse for general wellness, signs and symtoms of communicable diseases, and distinguishing markings. All the necessary forms will be completed, and signed during the appointment, but the Certificate of  Veterinary Inspection itself will only be signed and issued upon the return of a negative Coggins Test.

 **Incidental findings not concerning your horses' ability to travel may or may not be observed during a veterinary inspection. Although recommendations and/or treatment may be offered at the time of inspection, a determination of health to travel does not imply that your horse has no other health issues to address. Additionally, the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection certifies that the animal/s have been deemed fit to travel on the date of inspection and does not imply, nor does it guarantee that they will remain so. Certificate of Inspection is valid for 30 days from the issue date in most states.

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