Yuma Horse Welfare

While there is no formal equine rescue in Yuma, a lot of people have been and continue to contribute to the welfare of horses in many different ways. This page hopes to bring together a comprehensive view of our community's resources when good citizens own or encounter a horse/s they believe to be endangered. We have a nationwide problem with the over abundance of horses, this is one thing to which Yuma is not unique. Please browse the whole page to learn more, check frequently for additions and updates, and most importantly, share with your friends to help increase awareness about "the unwanted horse" in our area.
If you suspect what may be a case of neglect or abuse concerning an animal that is considered by statute to be livestock, please report the issue to the Yuma County Sheriff's Office by calling the main dispatch at 928-783-4427.

Click here for more information on all other animal control issues.
The Yuma County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) has assembled a Livestock Crimes Unit to facilitate the enforcement of equine and other livestock issues through education and, when necessary, the fair use of the judicial system. The YCSO team has partnered with the Sheriff's Posse to provide help to owners through the use of state and community resources. Together, they are constructing a new Livestock Retention Center (LRC) for when it becomes necessary to impound horses and other livestock. The LRC enables employees and volunteers to provide for the animals' needs, both for husbandry and medical issues, should they be become critical.

This unique, non-funded program is sponsored by the Yuma County Sheriff's Posse primarily through the sweat equity and personal donations of food and supplies by dedicated Sheriff's Officers and Posse members who want to help raise the standard of animal care in Yuma County. Your tax deductible donations are important, because they can provide food, housing, supplies and medical care for animals brought to the LRC or otherwise fostered in Yuma County.
Come together on our Facebook page if you need to re-home horses, burros, mules, and mini's, OR are seeking a horse and can provide a good home. Be sure to read the "about" tab for additional information. See the "Home a Horse" tab to see currently available horses. Please share to raise awareness on a welfare topic or issue.
Help a horse by staying up to date on horse welfare issues!

AAEP unifies a high standard of care among veterinary professionals, and animal welfare organizations for the benefit equines worldwide.

See their EQUINE GUIDELINES page for a comprehensive list of important welfare topics.
Horse Cost Calculator:
If you are considering the purchase of a horse, estimate what the expense would be per year. If you already have one, map out where your money goes!
Yuma Horse Welfare, this page, along with our Facebook page of the same name are a collaborative effort brought to you by
Rio Colorado Equine Veterinary Service, LLC and Rocking 45 Farm, LLC
Input is encouraged and appreciated. Please contact us if you find information you'd like to share here.
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